Black Skull Mercs are a Puzzle Pirates crew on the Cerulean Ocean.
They operate according to GMT-7:00 (US&Canada Mountain Time), and usually are online between 4pm-10pm.
They are based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Crew colour(s) will be confirmed at a later date. Currently the crew colour is white.

Black Skull Mercs are divided into departments and department heads according to skill level and crew usefullness.
The departments are: Command, Commodity, Forage, Kraken, Pillage, and Shoppe Crews.
The departments have been put in place to help align alts and mains so things like rowboat kits don't degrade after 1 use.
See Below for Department Information:

Department Head: Jesmar
Pirates: Armorblue
Department Colour: Grey

Command is the go anywhere, do anything department of the crew.
Not only do they cross departments, but they are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the crew and her politics.

Department Head: Jesmartwo
Pirates: Emerte, Twosix
Department Colour: White

The Commodity Department is responsible for buying and maintaining bid tickets so shoppes do not run out of stock.
Each Commodity Alt will make his/her home at a Commodity Market and will place bids so as not to waste Wisking Potions.

Department Head: Plankmark
Pirates: Mtea, Twosix, Whatanut
Department Colour: Green

The Forage Department is responsible for foraging the daily max ammount of fruit and gold from the ships stations on Nuptial Island.
Each pirate here shall make his/her home on Nuptial Island.

Ships stationed on Nuptial Island shall be owned by Foraging Department Head Plankmark.
The ships shall remain unlocked as to allow foraging. The skull lock shall indicate which ship to forage on, and the locked icon shall indicate a ship is full.

Department Head: Plankerrbody
Pirates: Dayt, Oneder
Department Colour: Blue

The Kraken Hunter Department is responsible for keeping stocked vessels all over the ocean, and keeping track of maps and charts expiration date.

All ships in the Kraken Hunter Department shall be owned by the Department Head and shall be set for sea monster hunting to allow for quick identification Dockside.

Department Head: Oneseven
Pirates: Thepoop
Department Colour: Red

The Pillager Department is responsible for starting pillages on the ocean, and maintaining stock in at least one (1) vessel in each arch.

Department Head: Dayone
Pirates: Fluffbucket
Department Colour: Purple

The Shoppe Department is responsible for starting and maintaining shoppes on Kirin Island.

Current Shoppes: Apothecary Stall, Weavery Stall